Information we collect

This is a volunteer-run fork of the original Airmash game, and our game servers are all run independently. The information stored and logged is at the discretion of each server operator.

The website logs every URL requested of it, along with the IP address of the requestor. This information is used to generate usage statistics and analyze usage patterns.

Social network sign-in

You may log in using Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Reddit or Twitch in order to save your settings, account statistics and achievements. For each platform, the minimum set of OAuth permissions are specified: only publicly accessible data.

We will not request access to your contacts, posting privileges or account information such as your email. You can verify this when signing in or navigating to the Apps section of your social network account.

Platforms like Twitch require the email as a default. In that case we will not store your email or use it for marketing purposes.

Airmash will never make posts on your behalf, nor will it ever ask for your permission to do so.

When joining a game server, it will receive your account session ID if you are signed in. Other than the player name you choose on the main page, it will not receive any further information relating to your identity.

Cookies / Local storage

We use HTML5 local storage to store your game settings. If you have signed in, we also use this to store your account session ID and identity (account name or email address). Your identity is not stored or logged on any of the servers.


The website and websocket connections are served over secure sockets.

Tracking / External analytics

Airmash does not use any external analytics suites such as Google Analytics. We do not embed externally hosted social media buttons.

The above privacy policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Last updated on November 30th, 2019